VANDA STANKUS was a Lithuanian entertainer without peer. Think Eartha Kitt meets Marlene Dietrich. Think smoky nights in dark lounges, nights surrounded by happy, beautiful people, when all you can think of is Him. Think Vanda!
  Here at the Vanda! Treasury, we endeavour to share with you some highlights of an incomparable career.
  Experience Vanda's three timeless albums. Choose any album cover to view a listing of songs, performed in Vanda's inimitable style. These gems are presented in streaming audio, designed to perform well regardless of one's internet connection bandwidth, in vintage RealAudio format. In addition, downloadable mp3's are housed on our secret French server.

Rozes Ir...

Ar Pameni...

Sutemu Garsai


  Here's a real treat: hear ALL of the Treasury while you dine, dance, or -ahem- allow yourself to be moved by the moment!

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  To learn more about the life and career of a diva who set a standard few have ever matched, click here!
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